Bear euthanized in Squamish after becoming threat to public safety

Sep 14 2018, 5:33 am

A bear in the Squamish area has met an unfortunate fate when it was put down earlier this week.

According to the District of Squamish and the Conservation Officer Service, a bear was euthanized earlier on Monday after becoming “a serious threat to public safety.”

Authorities explain that it had become too “food-conditioned and habituated to humans.”

With the action comes an important message and safety notice for the public; the district is warning residents and visitors of an increase in animal activity.

“Bears are already increasing their search for food sources in an effort to fatten up for hibernation, and have been sighted accessing fruit trees and garbage in most neighbourhoods.”

Anyone in the area is asked to adopt smarter practices in an effort to ensure that local neighbourhoods remain safe and bear-free.

The city has given tips such as:

  • Picking fruit trees on time to avoid building a bear’s access and reliance to human-generated food.
  • Storing garbage and organic totes in a secure location and ensuring to lock them properly.
  • Reducing odours by freezing food scraps and rinsing all recycling.

The advice also comes with a warning that bylaw officers will be enforcing restrictions on unlocked containers and other attractants more severely in the coming weeks.

A few weeks ago, a Coquitlam family saw a bear climb into the family van with a child in the front seat – a frightening example of what could happen when a bear becomes too accustomed to being near humans.

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