4 ways this pitch event helps prepare tech entrepreneurs for success

Feb 11 2020, 5:30 pm

Following your passion and succeeding in a new endeavour makes you feel like a modern-day superhero; it’s something you can be proud of. But of course, when running a business, there’s more at stake when the honeymoon period comes to an end.

A 12-year study of new firms in Canada revealed that only 63% survived five years, and only 43% survived 10 years. During the course of the research, an average of 96,000 new firms entered the Canadian economy every year, creating a lot of competition for businesses.

One of the main reasons for not making it past the very first year? Failing to secure capital.

If you’re a budding tech entrepreneur who believes their company has what it takes to last in the long run,¬†BDO Canada LLP¬†has your back.

As one of the largest accounting and advisory partnerships in the country, BDO is hosting its fifth annual VC Pitch Day event in six cities. This includes¬†Toronto¬†(March 5),¬†Ottawa¬†(March 11),¬†Vancouver¬†(March 12),¬†Calgary¬†(March 17),¬†Montreal¬†(March 24), and¬†Halifax¬†(March 31). Here’s a look at four ways the event helps prepare tech entrepreneurs for success.

Interact with top venture capitalists

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Many Canadian startups struggle to secure financing, in part due to a lack of experience pitching to seasoned investors. VC Pitch Day aims to close this gap by connecting you with some of the most experienced investors in the country during a full day of face-to-face business pitches.

This year, the participating firms include Alliance of Angels, OMERS Ventures, and Disruption Ventures.

Receive honest and actionable feedback

One of the most valuable aspects of VC Pitch Day is that you’ll receive frank feedback about your business ideas from top venture capitalists. This could be exactly what your company needs to get to the next stage of growth, and there’s even the potential to receive investment from a participating investor.

Interested? Showcase your business strategy and apply online for the chance to pitch to the expert investor panel. Each pitch unfolds in a private session to foster the appraisal of your ideas.

Connect with like-minded professionals


We’re only as strong as our network, and this is especially the case in the tech industry where things are constantly changing. VC Pitch Day provides a wonderful path to connect with fellow innovators.

This year, the event has extended to Alberta to reach even more tech talent and ideas. Nationwide, more than 350 companies applied for the event in 2019, and this year the figure is set to be even bigger ‚ÄĒ which means more networking opportunities for you.

Get invitations to exclusive events

All VC Pitch Day applicants can expect to receive invitations to exclusive reception events taking place in conjunction with the pitch event in their city. This gives you the unique opportunity to mingle and discuss the local tech scene with entrepreneurs and investors with whom you wouldn’t typically cross paths. As such, it gives you another chance to discuss your business (and what startup would want to miss that?).

For more information and to submit a pitch application for your business, visit the BDO VC Pitch Day website now.

BDO VC Pitch Day 2020 Events

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