BC health officials suspend all indoor HIIT, hot yoga, and spin classes

Nov 19 2020, 11:18 pm

Health officials in British Columbia are suspending a number of “high-risk” indoor group physical activities.

Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry said that as of Thursday afternoon, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), hot yoga, and indoor spin classes will be stopped until further notice. The suspension applies to all businesses, recreational centres, and other organizations that organize or operate the activities.

Health officials explained that they’ve done a significant amount of work looking into high-risk, indoor group physical activities, as well as different indoor and outdoor sporting activities.

“We need to understand and better manage and control indoor group physical activities where we have seen transmission happen,” Henry explains. “We’ve seen notable levels of transmission and there are some particular activities that are higher risk.”

Henry added the conditions needed to make some of these activities safe are not possible at this time.

“It’s those closed environments where we have people close together, where we’re exerting, and when we have poor ventilation and there’s often loud music, those are the settings that are most at risk. We are seeing around the world that those are challenging settings and they invite this virus to spread.”

All other group fitness activities that take place indoors can continue to operate but they must adhere to the updated guidance that’s being finalized by the province. Health officials, as well as inspection teams, will continue to monitor other activities. If there are any transmission events or if the updated guidelines are not followed, those studios and classes will be closed down.

Henry also addressed team sports, adding that most of the risk comes from travelling, as well as gatherings that occur between activities, such as on the bench, while carpooling, and before and after practices and games.

BC will remain in its current phase of sporting activities; however, there will be no spectators for indoor and outdoor sports or travel outside of the community.

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