These are the 10 most ridiculous BC 911 calls of 2019

Dec 30 2019, 6:24 pm

It seems some BC residents could use a refresher on what an emergency really is.

E-Comm, British Columbia’s emergency communication services, has released its list of the most ridiculous 911 calls of 2019.

This year’s list includes calls complaining about everything from bad haircuts to neighbours vacuuming late at night.

The list, although laughable, comes with a reminder for residents to not tie up lifelines.

“Our staff must treat each call as an emergency until they are confident there isn’t one,” says Jasmine Bradley, E-Comm Corporate Communications manager, in a statement.

“Although these calls may seem absurd at the surface, our call-takers must take the time to investigate each one to make sure there isn’t a real emergency before directing them elsewhere. That takes time away from helping those in crisis.”

These are EComm’s top 10 ridiculous 911 calls of 2019: 

  1. To complain hotel parking spot was too small
  2. To complain hair salon didn’t style their hair properly
  3. To complain their neighbour was vacuuming late at night
  4. Because they were upset the coin laundry machine didn’t have enough water
  5. To inquire why traffic was so bad
  6. To request police bring a shovel to dig their car out of the snow in front of their house
  7. Because police were being “too loud” responding to an emergency and requesting that they should come back in the morning
  8. To get information about water restrictions
  9. To report a broken ATM machine
  10. Because a gas station wouldn’t let them use the washroom

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