Price is Right: BC Lions should wear their Indigenous-themed logo full-time

Oct 5 2022, 5:09 pm

sekeres and price

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation is behind us now, but of course one of the main goals of days like this is to get us to thinking about it on a regular basis.

And on Friday night, we got a trial run of one way in which sport can do just that, and play its part.

For years, sports was a main offender in this regard. Perpetuating stereotypes through logos and brands. Some of those, glorifying a complicated history at best. Slowly but surely, these things are changing, thankfully.

So as we watched the Lions play in their usual orange, but with a redesigned Indigenous logo, I couldn’t help but think that theirs could be a permanent change.

indigenous logo bc lions

Indigenous-themed BC Lions logo designed by Corrine Hunt (BC Lions/Twitter)

After all, it’s not a wholesale makeover. It’s an inspired alteration from Corinne Hunt. Close enough to the original design that it shouldn’t ruffle feathers about a departure from team history, yet a new and respectful nod to the unceded territory that they call home. I can’t imagine there would be an uproar, no pun intended.

It’s one thing for teams to change the old offensive names. And we’ve already seen that in the CFL with Edmonton. But how about swinging that pendulum the other way to the point of “giving” respect.

And here’s the thing, it just flat out looks better too. The Lions logo is fine, but it’s hardly the stuff of legend, and one that is beyond reproach. Be a social leader, not to mention an artistic one.

Amar Doman already has hit a lot great notes in the early days of his ownership. This one could be a touchdown.

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