My Vote, My Future: Katherine Dawn Fredette on BC Election 2017

May 2 2017, 5:19 am

Ahead of the BC election, Daily Hive is profiling young voters from across the province. Want to join in and share your thoughts? Email [email protected], subject line: My Future.

Who are you?

Katherine Dawn Fredette.

How old are you?


What do you do?

I am a full time assistant team leader (the position was formerly called keyholder) at Dollarama.

Where do you live?

I live with my boyfriend and his parents, we are saving to maybe buy a tiny apartment one day. [For the record, Katherine votes in the Coquitlam-Maillardville riding.]

Have you voted before?

I voted early at my district electoral office this election! That was my first time.

Do you plan on voting this time?

Yes I absolutely am.

Does your family influence how you vote?

My opinions are my own, no matter how much they disagree with me.

How closely do you follow BC politics?

I follow almost every member of the NDP on Twitter, and all major parties on Facebook.

Do you know who your local candidates are?

Steve Kim as Liberal, Selena Robinson as NDP, and Jessey Valey-Vitow as Libertarian. I’m not sure who the Conservative candidate is. [For the record, there is also Nicola Spurling for the BC Greens, and there is no Conservative candidate.]

Can you name the three party leaders?

John Horgan, Christy Clark, and I don’t know who the Conservative or Green Party leaders are. [For the record, Andrew Weaver is the BC Greens leader, and the Conservatives currently have no leader.]

Would you ever consider running for office?

Currently no, I don’t have the experience or knowledge necessary, but quite possibly in the future. Local issues are very important to me, and if my opinion can help other people I have a responsibility to run.

What issues do you care most about?

Affordability and housing

When I turned 18, my Mum couldn’t afford to pay rent and feed me anymore without child support, so I had to move out from home (she moved across the province the week I graduated high school to find a more affordable living situation) and now I cannot afford to even rent a bachelor apartment with my boyfriend.

My boyfriend and I would like to move out from his parents’ house one day, the plan is hopefully before we are 25, but in this housing market that is optimistic at best.

I want people to be able to apply for low income housing options in cities they are not living in.

If you have to wait for three years to get a house in your city, but four months for a house in Penticton, you should be able to chose to move to Penticton when the option becomes available, not to have to move and then apply and hope for the best.

Jobs and the economy

I’m not making much above minimum wage, and if there was a higher minimum wage I would be able to move out and afford to eat.

This is also particularly important to me so my Mum [might] be able to find a job that can accommodate her disabilities and move back to the Lower Mainland.

I want a living wage of $15, and for legislation stating that minimum wage will be raised according to inflation every year.

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