Funds raised for BC cat shot by pellet gun reaches 10 times goal amount

Aug 14 2019, 10:00 am

Donations have flooded in to the BC SPCA for Mystic, a Vancouver Island cat who needed surgery after being shot five times with BB pellets.

According to the SPCA’s Nanaimo & District Branch, Mystic had the pellets lodged into his lower abdomen, front right leg, a well as near his spine and ribs.

The injuries left him in severe pain and unable to put weight on his back legs.

“He could not put weight on his left hind legs and the vet determined that Mystic had a comminuted fracture of the left proximal tibia and fibula,” said the SPCA on its website. “With surgery and continued healing, hopefully, he will be relieved from his discomfort and able to feel like a calm, happy cat again.”


Since the fundraiser was started, the BC SPCA has raised more than 10 times its target donation amount, bringing in a whopping $16,584.

“We are overwhelmed by the compassion people have shown for Mystic,” says Charly Jarrett, senior officer at the BC SPCA. “We are incredibly thankful and we know Mystic is too.”

Jarrett explains that the extra funds will go into their medical budget, which grows every year.

“Animals that come into our care are increasingly in need of more medical support,” she says.

The BC SPCA also says that there’s an active cruelty investigation into Mystic’s case.

To help animals like Mystic visit the BC SPCA’s medical emergency page.

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