Pile of asbestos found abandoned in Burnaby residential alleyway

Aug 28 2018, 4:14 pm

A number of local residents have grown concerned after a pile of bagged asbestos was found in an alleyway in Burnaby.

Local resident and Twitter user Monica Redman discovered a pile of the large yellow bags, stacked in the middle of a street, early yesterday afternoon.





Redman continued to tweet updates on an almost hourly basis, also commenting that the City of Burnaby had been aware of the situation for at least several hours.

By Monday evening the pile still remained, with no barricades or traffic cones set up as a perimeter.

At approximately 10 pm, fire crews, as well as an RCMP officer arrived on the scene.

A proper barricade was set up and Redman confirmed through both a neighbour and the fire department that the pile only grew in size from the day before.

Less than an hour ago, the City of Burnabyย confirmed that a contractor had been hired to remove the waste and that the process would be completed within several hours.

They also explained that asbestos is only “a hazard when it is inhaled” and that “when asbestos is sitting in a sealed plastic bag undisturbed, it is not hazardous.”

Asbestos is described as a “mineral substance that can be pulled into a fluffy consistency.” It was formally used in Canada as aย heat-resistant insulator and was mixed into everyday materials to make them stronger.

The fibres of the material, however, cannot be “seen, smelled, or tasted” and can be a serious threat when inhaled.

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