27 picks from the App Store for working and learning from home

Apr 8 2020, 2:27 pm

While we all continue to re-adjust our daily lives, it’s essential that we do not hesitate to maintain good, healthy, and routine habits. These contribute to both our mental and physical health in a way that goes beyond being stuck inside during this crisis.

To help with coping, as well as assist in the maintenance of self, many companies have shifted to provide tools and platforms to better suit this newly shaped reality.

We’ve gone to Apple’s App Store to put together a list of applications that serve many different functions. All of them with the express goal of making everyday things a little bit easier in today’s complete upheaval of normalities.

Let’s take a look at the best apps to improve your quarantine life.

Learning Apps

Mass school closures, and the future of the remaining academic year uncertain, students and parents are turning to technology to maintain mental acuity and growth.

Epic! – An enormous collection of digital books for children, the 40k+ item library provides many opportunities to learn, practice language, and have fun all at the same time.

Quizlet – The perfect digital flashcard companion, Quizlet allows users to create memory games based on whatever subject it is they are studying.

Khan Academy – With prep courses for academic testing like the SAT, GMAT, MCAT, and more, Khan Academy is one of the best fundamental and far-reaching study platforms available anywhere.

Communication Apps

Throughout our isolation, friendship, and human connection are vital for our sanity. Using these tools, folks will have an easier time keeping in touch with their loved ones while practicing physical distancing.

Houseparty – Promoted as a “face-to-face social network,” Houseparty allows multiple users to join in a video and voice chat. Think FaceTime, but with more people, and the word ‘party’ in its name.

FaceTime – The OG Apple video calling software, FaceTime is a clean, and relatively reliable way to connect with friends and family over voice and video chat.

Discord – What began as a gamers solution to open communication problems online, serves up some of the best open voice channels, video sharing, and channel features available today.

Coworking Apps

Non-essential services have been shuttered across the world, and that includes office spaces for most businesses. In order to retain work productivity, and maintain healthy work habits and connections, we’re all using tools new and old to stay connected to our coworkers.

Zoom – One of the most reliable group video-chat applications, Zoom has seen a ridiculous upward trend in the wake of the work from home shift.

Slack – Traditionally the best option for internal communication for businesses of all kinds, modern start-ups, and mega-corporations around the globe use Slack to maintain conversation and updates from staff.

Yammer – Part file-share, and part chat program, Yammer is a long-standing staple in the Microsoft business toolkit.

Radio Apps

Less time on your commute means less attachment to radio programming. By default, we’re removed from those audio-based programs at home. With these apps, you can stream radio stations from all over the world.

TuneIn Radio – Turning the traditional radio experience into a modernly mobile one, TuneIn links users with thousands of broadcast stations from every corner of the globe.

Breaker – The number one application in the podcasts space, Breaker is a delightfully simple and elegant way to connect, download, and listen to your favourite audio shows.

Apple Podcasts – Apple’s proprietary application for access to worldwide podcasts.

Workout Apps

Physical conditioning and growth can go a long way to maintaining mental health during a time in which you are unable to head to the gym, or work out using public facilities. These apps offer up all kinds of tools and lessons to keep you sweating while at home.

Centr – Developed by Thor himself (Chris Hemsworth), Centr brings the Hollywood superstars fitness team right to your home with this essential workout app.

Zova – Touted as the number one workout app that connects your fitness routine to your Apple Watch, Zova is an extremely popular option for working out via the App Store.

Freeletics – A modern masterpiece of a fitness app, Freeletics brings personalized and direct coaching through video and example clips right on your mobile device.

Meditation Apps

Finding a moment of zen in your home as all of your other life avenues crash into one place has become increasingly difficult. However, thanks to these meditation apps, your mobile phone can become a beacon of tranquility.

Calm – With guided meditation, and audio-based stories to help you relax and fall asleep, Calm has been giving users a much-needed outlet for a long time.

Headspace – Stepping up during this time of crisis, Headspace recently made headlines by offering up free services for teachers, and healthcare workers. It’s an essential application with quintessential mental health tools.

Zen – This app provides coaching, and tools that help with anxiety, insomnia, and much more.

Yoga Apps

A little bit work out, and partially meditation, Yoga has been a worldwide standard for mental and physical health for generations. With the help of some of these apps, you can step-up your at-home Yoga routine until we can all get back to the studios.

Dog Down – The number one ranked Yoga app on the store, this product from Yoga Buddhi Co brings the elegance and ease of the perfect instructor, directly to your mobile phone.

Yoga Studio – With easy to follow instructional videos, you can build your own Yoga class, or follow along with world-class movement lists curated by professionals.

Glo – Including 10 styles of Yoga, practiced all over the globe, Glo brings the best teachers to your home with this app.

Grocery Apps

Listed as an essential service in almost every region around the world, grocery stores have yet to close due to the increasing restrictions caused by the coronavirus. However, these apps will help you shop, purchase, and even get groceries delivered, all without leaving your home.

Chewy – Our furry friends cannot be forgotten during this global pandemic, and Chewy makes it simple to find and order food, medicine, and much more for your pets, all from the comfort and safety of your home.

Walmart – With many folks in North America using the Walmart app to order groceries for pick-up or delivery, it’s cutting a lot of public exposure time down while shopping for essentials.

Flipp – Bringing you weekly and daily adverts and coupons from all of your favourite stores, Flipp can help you save and order a whole mountain of groceries.

Recipe Apps

While spending a whole lot more time indoors, many people are turning to that long list of culinary adventures yet to embark upon. This selection of apps brings new recipes and experiments right to your pocket, for your consideration and consumption.

Kitchen Stories – Bringing the Instagram stories format to the cooking world, Kitchen Stories connects you to millions of cooks around the world, posting new and delicious recipes every day.

Project Foodie – Packaged with extremely intricate and diverse video tutorials, Project Foodie is simply looking to turn all home cooks into culinary provocateurs. Or just decent cooks.

Yummly – Bringing easy-to-follow step-by-step recipes to your pocket, Yummly is a beautifully designed recipe application.