Terminal cancer patient asking to meet Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez goes viral on TikTok (VIDEO)

May 24 2022, 5:20 pm

An Alberta woman recently diagnosed with terminal cancer has gone viral on TikTok in her call out to meet Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez.

Megan Nesplia, 22, posted a video two days ago explaining that she was recently diagnosed and given a year to live.

“But that’s not the point of this video,” Nespia said. “The point of this video is that I am 22 years old and I am not a Make a Wish kid, so I decided I am going to try and reach out because I want to make my own wish happen.”

She goes on to explain that she will be attending New York Fashion Week in September and then outlines that Taylor Swift lives in New York and Selena Gomez certainly has ways to get to New York as well.

“Y’all are already best friends and I just know I would be such a good addition to your friend group. I would love to just sit down and have coffee with you guys and have girl talk,” Nespia added.

“I know every single lyric to every single one of your songs,” Nespia said, as proof of her fanship to Taylor Swift. “I have been to all of your tours in Edmonton, Alberta. I would literally die if we could just hang out and girl chat.”

@megatrogusrex Hey @Selena Gomez @Taylor Swift ♬ original sound – Megan Nespliak

At the end of the nearly two-and-a-half-minute-long clip, Nespia urged all Swifties and Selenators (fan base names given for each respective artist) to share her video to make her dreams come true.

The video has amassed more than 50,000 comments and more than 500,000 likes.

Many of the commenters are tagging Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift with prominent accounts hoping to help Megan including E! News, St. Jude, and Elys Myers accounts.

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