Struggling to fill up at the fuel pumps? So is the Alberta premier (VIDEO)

Apr 4 2022, 4:45 pm

If you’ve been having a hard time at the gas pumps lately, you’re not alone: Alberta Premier Jason Kenney ran into trouble putting fuel in his truck last week in Calgary.

That said, Kenney’s struggle may have been a little different than the rest of the population.

While many Albertans are feeling the effects of high fuel prices and may be avoiding filling up their vehicles as much as usual, the premier had a problem after filling up.

Video shared on social media shows the Alberta premier having difficulty removing the fuel pump from the gas tank of a bright blue truck on Friday, April 1. Kenney was at the Co-op Gas Station Mission location at 3623 Macleod Trail SE in Calgary, following a press conference announcing the Alberta government’s lifting of fuel tax in the province.

Of course, the Internet had plenty to say about the premier’s mishap, with some making fun of him (“This man has never pumped gas in his life ⛽️”) while others offered words of sympathy (“I had one of those Rams. And the nozzles get stuck a lot. Its a really shit design.”)

Even Kenney and his team got in on the joke, sharing a meme to the premier’s Instagram on Sunday profiling an “Instagram vs. reality” situation.


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No matter what kind of trouble you’ve been having at the gas pumps lately, hopefully, the fuel tax break that kicked in in Alberta on Friday offers a little bit of relief!

In addition to the tax break, the province also announced on April 1 that the Alberta government will provide $150 in electricity rebates to more than one million eligible homes, farms, and businesses across the province that have been affected by above-average consumption costs over the past several months.

Additionally, a natural gas relief program, announced as part of the province’s Budget 2022, will see eligible consumers receive a rebate when natural gas prices exceed $6.50 per gigajoule starting in October.

Further details about both programs are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

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