Someone made a Twitter account for all the luggage lost by Air Canada

Jul 4 2022, 7:52 pm

Cancelled flights are not the only “unavoidable challenges” Air Canada is facing.

The airline has lost so much luggage lately that someone felt compelled to start a Twitter account to connect Air Canada passengers who have been separated from their bags.

The aptly named @AClostmyluggage has retweeted more than 260 travellers since June 28.

Two separate passengers were searching for lost car seats, while one woman was looking for her wedding dress.

More than two dozen would-be PGA Tour Canada participants found themselves club-less; at least one tweeted that they had to forgo the tournament.

Multiple travellers were stranded without medication. One person said Air Canada forced their parents to check their bag, and that their father was now out of life-saving medication.

Two dogs were seen lost along with luggage in Montreal’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport.

Bags have been missing for several days and even up to a month. One user even tweeted a photo of what could be her bag, stuck in Lisbon.

Dozens of users reported that trying to communicate with Air Canada had been a struggle, too. Several said they’d spent hours on hold, only to be hung up on, while others tweeted that their DMs and emails to the airline had gone unanswered for days.

Regardless of what was lost and for how long, @AClostmyluggage seems to have summed up passengers’ collective experience with one single tweet:

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