Health Canada recalls Advil with mixed-up "Day" and "Night" tablets

Oct 3 2021, 6:46 pm

Convenient medicine packs with both nighttime and daytime relief are great when you’re feeling under the weather – as long as they’re labelled correctly.

On Sunday, October 3, Health Canada issued a recall for two lots of Advil Cold & Sinus Day/Night Convenience Packs. The agency says that a labelling error on the reverse of the blister pack could be misleading.

“Consumers may take a nighttime caplet instead of a daytime caplet, and vice versa. Taking a nighttime caplet when alertness is required may pose health risks,” said Health Canada in a release.

Nighttime caplets are mislabelled as daytime caplets because the foil backing is rotated upside down and misaligned. Also, some daytime caplets are labelled as nighttime.

Health Canada Advil

Health Canada

Health Canada Advil

Health Canada

“The nighttime caplets contain an antihistamine medicinal ingredient (chlorpheniramine maleate) that can cause drowsiness,” said Health Canada.

The two lots affected by the error are ER2072 and ER2069 with a February 2, 2023 expiry date. These products have been distributed in Canada since July 2021.

Health Canada advises to stop using the products and to reach a health care professional if you have concerns after using them. For more information, you can read the full recall notice.

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