Ken Sim's ABC Vancouver party promises 5,000 more childcare spaces over four years

Sep 16 2022, 12:40 am

Over the next four years, 5,000 new additional childcare spaces will be built in Vancouver if the ABC Vancouver party is given a majority in Vancouver City Council.

The party of mayoral candidate Ken Sim announced its latest campaign promise today of catalyzing much-needed childcare capacity to provide parents with relief.

To achieve this, ABC suggests it will “harmonize” childcare policy between the municipal and provincial governments, which rolled out a province-wide childcare expansion program in recent years, but is in need of municipal, non-profit, and private partners to help build supply.

Additionally, they will help childcare providers become compliant through the licensing process, direct permit fees toward creating new spaces, and make additional City land available for childcare facilities.

As part of the plan, an ABC majority within the Vancouver School Board trustees would ensure new schools built in the city include childcare facilities.

“This plan we’re announcing today uses every tool at City Council’s disposal to support and encourage the creation of a significant number of new childcare spaces,” said incumbent ABC councillor Lisa Dominato.

“At a time when many families across Vancouver are struggling to make ends meet, it’s important that we are focused on helping make life easier. An investment in quality childcare is an investment in children, families, and the local economy.”

According to a May 2022 report by City of Vancouver staff, the municipal government has facilitated the creation of over 4,600 childcare spaces over the past five decades, with most spaces accomplished through development-driven revenues, namely community amenity contributions (CACs) and development cost levies (DCLs). Childcare spaces catalyzed with the support of the municipal government account for almost 40% of all licensed childcare spaces for dull-day group care in Vancouver.

City staff estimate the current supply of licensed childcare meets 44% of the estimated need for children ages 12 and under. Of this proportion, the largest gap, 23%, is for children ages three and under. But the next age group is fairing much better, with about 70% of the childcare need for ages three to five met.

For school age children, about 40% of the need is currently met by existing supply.

The municipal government estimates Vancouver alone needs about 16,000 more childcare spaces, including 7,500 spaces for the youngest children before school age and 8,500 spaces for school aged children.

In addition to Sim running for mayor, ABC is running a total of seven city councillor candidates, six Park Board candidates, and five School Board candidates.

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