45 photos of Vancouver's newest 'graffiti' alley

Aug 25 2017, 1:16 pm

Move over Pink Alley and the old graffiti alley by the Red Room, we have a winner when it comes to alleyway beautification, Vancouver’s new “graffiti alley” in Mount Pleasant.

Unlike the other alleys, which only stretch the length of a city block, the new street art laced alley’s stretch from From Broadway to 2nd Avenue at the border of Olympic Village.  This network of art has everything from big scale murals to graffiti and will easily become a local and tourist attraction.

Given that we were out to shoot 45 photos in one day, we wanted to use Motorola’s Moto Z2 Play smartphone since it offers up to 30 hours of battery power. We knew the smartphone would last the entire shoot, but just in case we brought along the TurboPower Pack Moto Mod. Moto Mods allow you to transform your smartphone by snapping onto the back using powerful magnets. The TurboPower Pack adds an extra day of battery life to your device using super quick charging.

But battery life isn’t everything- we also wanted to use the Moto Z2 Play’s camera which boasts 12 MP and a Professional Mode, which allows you to edit the settings for the perfect photos. Not to mention we snapped on the Hasselblad True Zoom Moto Mod for 10x optical zoom and a Xenon flash!

The initiative was part of the annual mural festival in Vancouver and it’s made a huge impact on Mount Pleasant. Let us take a trip down street art lane.

Between Broadway and 8th Avenue

We start our journey at Broadway, this alley way is practically covered with only a few remaining walls.

Sandeep Johal street artist

SANDEEP JOHAL – “Girls Are Fierce Like Tigers”/ Daily Hive

Sandeep Johal Vancouver artist

SANDEEP JOHAL – “Girls Are Fierce Like Tigers”/Daily Hive

Vancouver murals

Emily Gray & Oksana/Daily Hive

iHeart Stencils street art

iHeart Stencils / Daily Hive

Stay Yummy mural Vancouver

Stay Yummy/Daily Hive

Beach babes mural in Vancouver

Vancouver Summer Fun/Daily Hive

PRISCILLA YU - "Befriend Your Inner Demon"

Priscilla Yu/Daily Hive

Vancouver mural by Priscilla Yu

Priscilla Yu/Daily Hive

Between 8th and 7th Ave

Wrkless Graffiti artist Vancouver

Wrkless/Daily Hive

Breaking Bad Graffiti Vancouver

Wrkless/Daily Hive

Vancouver graffiti

Laura Bifano/iHeart Stencils – Daily Hive

Antisocial Skateboarding

Spencer Keeton Cunningham/Daily Hive

Graffiti Vancouver

Toiletsnake/Daily Hive

Between 7th and 6th Avenue

Luxurious Dreamscape Bubblebath

David Ullock + Douglas Nhung/Daily Hive

Parking Stalls/Daily Hive

Emily Carr University Street Art

Parking Stalls/Daily Hive

Mega McGrath Vancouver artist

Mega McGrath/Daily Hive

Between 6th and 5th Avenue

Native Street Art Vancouver

Paul Windsor + Jeska Slater/Daily Hive

Khelsilem artist

Khelsilem/Daily Hive

Between 5th and 4th Avenue

As we make our way down Graffiti Alley you’ll come across one of the biggest murals in the city.

Vancouver Mural Festival/Daily Hive

Vancouver Graffiti/Daily Hive

Graffit/Daily Hive

Vancouver street art/Daily Hive


Lady Mermaids/Daily Hive

Andy Dixon/Daily Hive

Holden Courage Memorial/Daily Hive

In memory of artist Holden Courage

Holden Courage Memorial/Daily Hive

Andy Dixon Hootsuite Mural

Vancouver Studio/Daily Hive

Lady Mermaids/Daily Hive

Between 4th and 3rd

Tyler Keeton Robbins

Trees Burn While Flowers Bloom/Daily Hive

Community Mural/Daily Hive

Community Mural/Daily Hive

Quantum Leap

Cristian Fowlie/Daily Hive

Ari De La More + Irving Cano/Daily Hive

Jane Cheng

Holograph/Daily Hive

David Shillinglaw

We Are Croutons Floating in Cosmic Soup/Daily Hive

David Shillinglaw/Daily Hive

Cosmic Soup/Daily Hive


Nick Gregson/Daily Hive

Mexican Mural Vancouver

Dance the dance my girl/Daily Hive

Mexican Street art

Dance the dance my girl/Daily Hive

Latino Street Art Vancouver

Dance the dance my girl/Daily Hive

Jenny Ritter/Daily Hive

White Peaks/Daily Hive

Between 3rd and 2nd Avenue

We end our journey through graffiti alley with a gem by Carson Ting.

Carson Ting

Ride Wild/Daily Hive


For more information about the Moto Z play, check out Motorola’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

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