Adidas relaunch of Terry Fox shoes sell out within minutes

May 20 2020, 4:40 pm

On Wednesday morning, a commemorative line of Adidas shoes, honouring the 40th anniversary of Terry Fox sold out within minutes, leaving plenty of disappointed fans.

Adidas announced last week that it would be re-releasing the Orion shoes, the same ones that Fox wore in 1980 during the Marathon of Hope. The navy blue shoes feature “Terry Fox” written near the logo, a 40th anniversary sock liner, commemorative shoelaces, and a special design on the insole.


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The collection also included a limited-edition T-shirt featuring an iconic image of Terry Fox and a map of his journey.

The collection, which was exclusive to Canada, released at 10 am ET/7 am PT and quickly sold out. Disappointed fans took to social media, saying that they had disappeared within moments of the release.

Other Twitter, users pointed out that the shoe had already been posted on eBay at marked-up prices.

Adidas replied to some of the comments, hinting that a restock could be coming over the next few months.

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