12 movies and TV shows filming in Vancouver in March

Feb 28 2023, 9:07 pm

Hello March!

With more than a handful of movies and TV shows filming in the area, the streets of Vancity are happening right now. Filming has been spotted in neighbourhoods like Yaletown, Gastown, and the downtown core — so there are plenty of chances to catch a glimpse of all the action. In fact, keep scrolling because we have the photos and videos to prove it!

From brand new movies like The Big Whoop to your favourite series like Riverdale and The Flash returning for another season — here is what’s filming in Vancouver this March.

Mother Land

Halle Berry/IMDb

Mother Land, also going by its working title of “Never Let Go,” will set up shop in Vancouver near the end of March. Starring Halle Berry, the thriller movie is about a family living in the woods that is haunted by evil spirits.

Filming will be underway until sometime in May.

The Big Whoop

The Big Whoop started filming in Vancouver in late February and production will continue into March. While casting for the new movie has not been announced, we do know that the plotline will be about a clown act on the run from a dangerous criminal.

On February 18, filming for The Big Whoop was spotted in the downtown core.

Fire Country — Season 1

Fire Country/IMDb

Fire Country is in Vancouver to film its first season. The CBS series follows a young convict who gets a second chance. In exchange for reduced prison time, he joins a prison-release program that has him working with firefighters in his hometown to control wildfires.

Fire Country will star Max Thieriot in the lead role, alongside Billy Burke and Kevin Alejandro, and is expected to be filming in the Vancouver area until April. In February, filming took place at the Railroad Museum of BC.

The Irrational — Season 1

Jesse L. Martin/IMDb

NBC’s The Irrational will begin filming in Vancouver this March for its first season. Production is expected to start March 20 and will star The Flash’s Jesse L. Martin in the lead role. Starring alongside Martin is Maahra Hill, along with Molly Kunz and Ella Cannon.

The thriller series will follow Martin as a professor who is an expert in human behaviour and utilizes this to solve high-risk criminal cases.

The Good Doctor — Season 6

The Good Doctor Freddie Highmore

The Good Doctor is back on location in Vancouver for another season!

Freddie Highmore stars Shaun Murphy, a surgeon with autism who thinks outside the box and is recruited to work at a prestigious hospital. The Good Doctor will be on location for quite a while, as filming will continue into April.

The Flash — Season 9

filming Vancouver

The Flash/Facebook

The Flash is in Vancouver this month to film its ninth and final season. The action series is based on the DC comics and stars Grant Gustin as crime scene investigator Barry Allen, a man with the superpower of speed who uses it to rescue innocents while fighting crime.

Production will wrap at the beginning of March. Recently the series was spotted at False Creek filming the finale.

A Million Little Things — Season 5

what's filming Vancouver

A Million Little Things/IMDb

ABC’s A Million Little Things is filming for its fifth season, and production is scheduled to wrap up at the beginning of March. Starring David Giuntoli, Romany Malco, and Allison Miller, the series follows a tight-knit group of friends who come together and realize what truly matters in life after one of them suddenly passes away.

Unfortunately, season five will be the show’s last, ABC confirmed this past November.

Riverdale — Season 7

filming in Vancouver


Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead — the gang’s all here!

Riverdale returned to Vancouver back in October to begin filming its seventh and final season. Based on the Archie comics, Riverdale has been filming in the Metro Vancouver area for years. Sadly, this will be the cast and crew’s last time on location after it was announced that the Netflix series will end with season seven. Filming will be underway until June.

Superman & Lois — Season 3

Superman & Lois


Superman & Lois is filming season three in the Metro Vancouver area. The superhero drama series follows the popular DC Comics characters — Superman and Lois Lane.

The series has been on location since September, and production will finish in March. In February, filming was spotted in Cloverdale.

Dead Boy Detectives — Season 1

Dead Boy Detectives/IMDb

HBO Max’s Dead Boy Detectives began production in the Metro Vancouver area this past November for its first season. The mystery series will follow a teenager who somehow connects with the ghosts of two dead British teens and come together to solve supernatural crimes.

The series will be a spinoff of the DC Comics’ The Sandman and will be filming until the end of March. Cast and crew have been spotted hard at work in downtown Vancouver, so be on the lookout!

So Help Me Todd — Season 1

So Help Me Todd Trailer/Youtube

CBS’s So Help Me Todd is currently in production in Vancouver right now. The new drama-comedy series stars Skylar Astin as a private investigator who begins working for his mother (Marcia Gay Harden) at her law firm. Production will take place in the city until April.

Resident Alien — Season 3

Resident Alien/IMDb

Resident Alien is filming in the Metro Vancouver area for its second season. Filming is expected to be underway until May.

The series stars Alan Tudyk as an alien who lands on earth and takes on the identity of a doctor named Harry. Things get even more interesting when, somehow, a nine-year-old boy in town is able to see his true alien identity.

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