A rare wholesome TTC moment reminds Toronto what transit can be (VIDEO)

Apr 13 2023, 5:54 pm

Through all of the doom and gloom headlines about out-of-control crime on the TTC, riders on one Toronto bus got a wholesome surprise (or mild annoyance, depending on your outlook) when a man played guitar for the commuters, including one child who seemed straight-up delighted.

Video shared with blogTO shows the scene from a TTC route 504 replacement bus captured around 5 pm on Wednesday, where a passenger in a Toronto Blue Jays t-shirt serenades the vehicle with a unique arrangement of Oasis’ 1995 Britpop anthem Wonderwall.

While some could argue that playing Wonderwall on a bus is just another form of crime committed on the TTC, at least one passenger seemed thrilled with the impromptu entertainment, with a child seen just out of frame wildly kicking their legs along to the tunes.

Other passengers seemed entirely uninterested in the performer, gazing longingly out the windows or staring at their phones to avoid eye contact.

After making it through his own tempo-adjusted rendition of the ’90s throwback, the unsanctioned transit musician dove into a version of John Lennon’s Imagine, putting some positivity into fellow riders’Ā commute with the 1971 ode to peace.

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I’d take this TTC guitar player over the person talking on speakerphone or the one with the Bluetooth speaker who has never heard of headphones, any day of the week.

Jack LandauJack Landau

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