Inside the weekly Toronto farmers' market that sells weed

Sep 7 2017, 11:35 pm

Does your farmers’ market sell weed? It should.

In Toronto’s Cabbagetown, Planet Paradise is a vapour lounge and home to the weekly Canna Farmers’ Market hosting some of the best local growers and cannabis extract artists.

The second-floor space features a cereal bar stocked every type of munchies imaginable, and everywhere, people are enjoying pot as staff move through the room saying hi and keeping it friendly.

At a recent market, Mina from @TO.Dispensaries acts as tour guide and advocate within the industry for markets like this one and explains to Daily Hive how in the market has grown to include, edibles, flowers, concentrates, glassware, and paraphernalia in just a short amount of time.

He brags about the lower than retail prices, the high-quality flower that is available, and considers this the biggest selling point for consumers. He pulls out a jar of Great White Shark, invites a smell and prices it at $20 less than retail for seven grams.

While the roster of vendors changes frequently, recent standouts have included Flush Gardens for flowers, Canna Chocolatier for edibles and Swift Lab Toronto for concentrates.

Flush Gardens is a growing collective that works with craft growers to bring small batch flowers to a discerning group of smokers. They are advertised as AAA+ buds and it all comes in smell proof glass jars for less than street prices.

Mina is passionate when discussing the importance of craft grows. He fears that corporate marijuana will swallow a large chunk of the legalized market and erode the quality and passion that craft growers bring.

Edibles available at the market are currently quite simple with bake-sale type goods like granola, candy, cookies and cupcakes dominating the scene.

Perhaps ahead of the pack, Canna Chocolatier has proven itself a special breed with their 50mg THC-infused made-from-scratch milk chocolates.

The overall look of these chocolates is rich, and luxurious with no heavy whipping. This is the best chocolate product according to market attendees.

Lastly, Swift Lab Toronto is an extract company producing THCA, a compound touted for its therapeutic benefits though not usually encouraged for beginners as it can induce long lasting effects that first-time users may find overwhelming. Here at the market it’s offered for sale in crystaline form meant to be consumed as vapour.

Markets like this one are occurring increasingly frequently but many of the same featured vendors also retail on Instagram or online.

Canna Farmers’ Markets

When: Thursdays, 6 pm to 10 pm (unless otherwise announced)
Where: Planet Paradise, 51A Winchester Street, Toronto
Price: Admission is free

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