It’s going to feel like -25°C in Toronto again tonight

Jan 12 2018, 9:20 pm

Although we’d love to say we’re used to this cold by now, we’re really not.

And for a Friday night, it’s not the best news to hear that it’s going to feel as frigid as ever.

Environment Canada is forecasting temperatures in Toronto will be -13°C on Friday night. With the windchill it’ll feel more like -25°C.

In fact, it already feels like -18°C with the windchill in Toronto as of 4 pm.

Environment Canada

And to add to the weather excitement, it’s actually going to get colder on Saturday.

The high on Saturday is only getting up to -11°C, although we will get to see some sunshine. As for tomorrow night, might as well cancel all plans. It’s going to be -19°C, or more like -28°C with the wind chill.

So, once again, just stay inside, Toronto. 

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