It's going to drop 20°C in Toronto between now and Sunday

Jan 11 2018, 3:44 pm

Don’t get too comfortable with this week’s mild weather.

Aside from snow being on the forecast this weekend, you also need to prepare for an extreme drop in temperature.

That’s right, freezing temperatures will be returning to the city soon.

According to Environment Canada, this week’s mild spell is about to quickly come to an end, and Toronto will be experiencing a 20°C drop in temperature between now and Sunday.


Environment Canada

While there is still sunshine forecasted for Sunday, it will be accompanied by freezing temperatures, with a high of -11°C and a low of – 17°C, which will feel even colder as the city will experience winds of up to 12 km/hr.

As always, remember to dress accordingly during these sudden shifts in temperature to avoid any chance of frostbite.

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