Reminder: You can be fined and towed for blocking TTC tracks when you park

Feb 12 2019, 10:27 pm

As winter in Toronto rages on, two things are inevitable: The snow is going to continue to fall, and snowbanks will continue to pile up along city streets.

When these snowbanks form, either as a result of plows or sidewalk shovellers, it creates a massive snowbank that reaches from the road to the curb, which can make it very difficult for drivers to park.

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But often drivers still park next to these snowbanks, which ultimately results in the vehicle blocking the TTC tracks.

And when a packed streetcar comes along and can’t pass a parked vehicle, a bunch of people are going to be very upset.

And with Toronto under a winter storm warning this afternoon, as the city is expected to be hit with up to 15 to 25 cm of snow, Toronto Police Parking is reminding drivers not to block TTC tracks.

During Tuesday’s storm, Toronto Police and Toronto Parking will be patrolling track routes along with TTC staff and tow trucks.

If your vehicle is found blocking the TTC tracks, your vehicle will be towed and you will receive a $60 fine.

So keep this in mind if you have to drive along TTC track routes, not just today, but all winter long.

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