1,800 people showed up to Uniqlo's Toronto opening and it was insane (PHOTOS)

Oct 3 2016, 8:18 pm

In case you somehow missed it, Uniqlo opened its first Toronto store last week.

Located in the Eaton Centre, the two-floor, 27,000 sq. ft. space is filled with the basics Uniqlo has made an international reputation on.

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Such a reputation, in fact, that people started lining up as early as 4 am just to be the first ones allowed in. The lineup was long and lasting and had to be divided into three separate lines just to keep it from blocking other shoppers.

If you’re still sitting their reading this and thinking, ‘WTF, what’s the deal with Uniqlo?!’ Just go. Go, and we’ll soon meet you on the side of the converted.

There’s a reason this many adults acted like teenage girls outside of a Bieber concert.

Check out the line that has thankfully (finally) abated:

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