Where to find the most fantastical unicorn foods in Toronto

Apr 20 2017, 12:02 am

It’s 2017 and the food trend du jour in Toronto is unicorns.

Considering all the crazy sh*t happening in the world these days – we get it.

We don’t care if unicorns taste like shame. A big dose of make-believe seems totally appropriate understandable right about now.

Don’t think Starbucks’ invented these whimsical creations either. Toronto cafes and bakeries are way ahead of the trend. Check out these wild one-horned beasts spotted recently in The 6ix.

Eunice The Unicorn Cake from Le Dolci

unicorn cake

Le Dolci

Vanilla funfetti cake and vanilla icing decorated like a majestical beast. This one will even come to you. Seriously, the cakes are available for order and delivery online.

Address: 1006 Dundas Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-262-3400

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Unicorn Lattes from CutiePie Cupcakes

This cupcakery and espresso bar has built its whole business dealing in all things cute. On the menu, magical pink and blue swirl soft serve cones, cotton candy cupcakes, and Toronto’s OG Unicorn Latte.

Address: 235 Spadina Avenue, Unit 2, Toronto
Phone: 416-593-9323

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Unicorn Doughnuts from The Rolling Pin

This bakeshop is all about the whimsical desserts and not about to be outdone by some chain of cafes.

Address: 3429 Yonge Street, North York
Phone: 416-691-4554

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Unicorn Gelato from Lamanna’s

Of course, the place responsible for pizza on pizza would wholeheartedly embrace this fanciful trend. Note, as the caption reads above, the horn is included but the eyelashes and hair were just for the Instagram op.

Address: 6758 Kingston Road, Toronto
Phone: 416-287-2020

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Unicorn Macarons from AG Macarons

Spotted recently in stores in celebration for National Unicorn Day, these sweet little things could make a come back if you believe hard enough.

Address: 647 Dupont Street, Toronto
Phone: 647-977-3124

Address: 709 The Queensway, Toronto
Phone: 647-977-3030

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