The last two bending TTC streetcars are being retired this weekend

Aug 29 2019, 1:56 pm

There are only a few more days to take a ride on one of the TTC’s oldest streetcars.

On Monday, September 2, the TTC is retiring its last two articulated light rail vehicle (ALRV) streetcars, which have been in service for over 30 years.

First introduced in 1988, the ALRV streetcars were considered a landmark achievement at the time, allowing the TTC to increase capacity on its busiest routes at a time ridership was increasing.

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According to Jaye Robinson, Toronto City Councilor and TTC chair, both remaining vehicles will run on Queen Street from 2 pm until 5 pm on Labour Day.

And service on the two ALRVs will be free on their last day in commission.

The service will run between the TTC’s Russell Carhouse (Queen Street East. and Greenwood Avenue) and the Wolseley Street Loop (Bathurst Street just north of Queen Street West).

But don’t worry, the retiring streetcars won’t end up in the middle of an Ontario forest or anything like that. TTC spokesperson Stuart Green said the vehicles will be stripped of useable parts and the rest will be recycled by a contractor.

Once the fleet is retired, the TTC will retain and preserve one ALRV, joining other legacy vehicles.

And while Torontonians always love to hate on the TTC, it looks like some people are actually pretty sad about this model entering retirement.

So, if you want to be apart of TTC streetcar history, make sure to catch a ride on the last of the remaining ALRV streetcars this long weekend.

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