The TTC wants to hear Toronto's opinions on its streetcars

Apr 5 2019, 3:14 pm

After a survey asking for customers’ opinions on its subway system, the TTC is now asking its riders about their streetcar experiences.

“The TTC would like to know what you think of their streetcar system. For example, is it easy to get information about the system? It is easy to pay for the fare? Are the streetcars and stops clean and comfortable?” reads its survey.

“We are interested in your replies whether you use the service frequently, occasionally, or even if you rarely use the service.”

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The survey, which takes about three to five minutes to complete, consists of statements and customers are asked whether they agree or disagree with each.

According to the TTC, this “survey is being conducted by streetcar and light rail systems across North America at the same time, so that they can find out what their passengers think of the service they provide. These organizations will compare the results of the surveys, so that they can learn from each other and work toward giving you even better service.”

TTC survey

Questions include opinions on the streetcar system’s hours of operation, ease to get on and off the streetcar, as well as if there are disruptions, how easily customers can get useful information about alternative routes.

There is no end date for the survey yet, but probably better to get your thoughts in sooner than later.

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