Late night TTC maintenance causing several closures next week

Sep 6 2019, 11:11 am

If you’re planning on hopping on TTC’s Line 1 after a late-night next week, start planning ahead.

Subway service on Line 1 between York Mills and Eglinton stations will end at 11 pm every night from Monday, September 9 through 12, for track work.

This means that trains will not be stopping at York Mills, Lawrence, and Eglinton after 11 pm.

The TTC says that shuttle buses will be running to compensate for the closures, and that regular service will resume at 6 am every morning.

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All stations will remain open for fare sales and access to surface routes and Wheel-Trans will be available upon request from any station.

Customers can speak with a TTC staff member for more information about service frequency.