TTC says it will freeze fares and ramp up service in 2022

Dec 14 2021, 2:44 pm

The TTC is planning to return service to pre-pandemic levels in 2022 and says it will do so without increasing the price of fares.

“The $2.24-billion operating budgets for both conventional and Wheel-Trans services will fund restoration of service to 100% of pre-pandemic levels on the conventional network with some room for new and enhanced TTC programs,” the TTC said in a release on Monday.

In addition to increased service and frozen fares, the TTC budget also accounts for the opening of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT in 2022 — although what year it will actually open is still up for debate — modernizing the TTC’s fare collection system, and enhancing diversity, anti-Black racism, and mental health training.

Ridership on the TTC dropped off significantly during the pandemic, falling by as much as 88%. Currently, it sits around 45% of pre-pandemic levels. The TTC plans to use part of the operating budget to update their Service Plan and Ridership Reacquisition Strategy to service post-pandemic travel patterns.

In addition to these plan, the TTC has also been allotted $1.7 billion from the City’s 2022-2031 capital budget plan. This funding will go towards repair work, creating a fully accessible system by 2025, and advancing delivery of 60 new streetcars, 300 hybrid buses, 300 electric buses, and 70 Wheel-Trans vehicle. It will also help to improve capacity on lines 1 and 2.

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