Scarborough TTC station majorly flooded after pipe leak (VIDEO)

Feb 24 2021, 9:15 pm

TTC riders travelling to Scarborough Centre Station on early Tuesday evening were surprisingly met with a very flooded station.

Video of the flood captured by station-goers and shared on social media shows the water rushing down Scarborough Centre’s stairs and people sliding down the handrails to avoid walking through it.

The amount of water on the stairs, which lead down to the station’s street-level bus bays, appears to only get worse, as seen in another video posted to Twitter. The poster even joked that a “waterpark is now open at Scarborough Center RT Station.”

The leak was first identified on Tuesday, between 5:30 pm and 6 pm, TTC spokesperson Stuart Green told Daily Hive, with the flooding eventually knocking out the electrical power to both the station’s gates and fare payment systems.

In response, Line 3 trains began bypassing the station and shuttle buses were run to compensate for the lack of service.

In an attempt to stop the flooding, the water supply was shut off and workers were sent in to address the situation.

“Crews went in overnight and cleaned up the station and turned [the] water back on but discovered another leak that will require more work to repair,” Green said.

With electricity and payment systems out, the TTC “had staff and special constables in overnight to maintain security,” Green said.

Service to the flooded TTC station resumed on Wednesday morning. Fare inspectors with mobile POS devices manually staffed the station’s gates to allow riders in.

All elevators and escalators at the station, however, remain out of service until further notice, per a TTC service alert issues at 6 am on Wednesday.

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