This TTC fantasy map is every Toronto commuter's dream

Feb 21 2018, 9:43 pm

We vote this reddit user for Mayor. Or at least TTC Chair.

Redditor Sagaris88 has created THE ultimate TTC fantasy map. This map doesn’t only include our subway system, there’s a light rail, cable car, and even includes ferry routes.

While it may look overwhelming, this is exactly what a major city’s transit system should look like.

For example, here’s the London’s Tube map.

London Tube Map /

Or let’s look at Tokyo’s metro system.

Tokyo Metro

Yes, perhaps they have larger populations than the city of Toronto or the GTA, but one can – and should – dream.

And that’s exactly what Sagaris88 did on reddit.

This amazing TTC fantasy map makes us look more like a proper city, with an extensive transit system.


As another reddit user says, “If even half of that was real I would sell my car and TTC everywhere.”

But let’s be real, it took years (and millions of dollars) for the latest Line 1 extension to be built. This fantasy map would probably take approximately 200 years, give or take, depending on council approvals and funding…

We’re all stuck here living in 2018, but this map already in 3018.

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