There's a transit worker who makes models of the TTC and tweets about it (PHOTOS)

Oct 5 2016, 8:39 pm

This is…well…something.

This guy loves his job, that’s for sure. So much so that when Steven Olsen, described on his Twitter page as “Transit employee, enthusiast, and modeler,” comes home after a long day working for the New York City Transit Authority, he starts to put together his dreams of both the past and future TTC.

Albeit on a much smaller scale.

We’re talking updated tweets about his progress on cleaning up rear windows and fitting interiors.

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We only wish we had this kind of commitment. Or, for that matter, that TTC employees loved their job this much – our commutes to work might be a little friendlier if that were the case.

Oh, and Bombardier, if you’re reading this: hire this man and get us our damn streetcars already.

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