Toronto is one of the of the worst cities in the world for commuting (REPORT)

Jun 21 2018, 9:20 pm

From countless delays and overcrowding to costs and maintenance, these are just a few of the struggles that commuters have to deal with on a daily basis.

One commuter’s hardship in one city could be minuscule compared to another commuter in a different city.

But just how bad is commuting around the world? Does a Torontonian’s commute even compare to someone in France?

According to a new report from UK-based Expert Market, commuting in Toronto is vastly different than many of its international counterparts. In fact, it’s actually considered as one of the worst cities in the world for commuting.

Expert Market looked at 74 commuting hotspots in 16 countries and analyzed seven data points which included:

  • The metro population
  • Average time spent commuting (minutes)
  • Average time spent waiting for a bus or train daily (minutes)
  • Average journey distance (km)
  • % of commuters who have to make at least one change in a single journey
  • Cost of a monthly travel card as a % of monthly income
  • Average number of hours spent in congestion over 240 commuting days

Each city was then given a score which determined its worldwide commuting rank.

And while the report, unfortunately, didn’t reveal which city has the worst manspreading, it did show what commuting is like around the world.

Nice, France, was top of the list with an impressive score of 11.05, thanks to workers being able to pay 1.25% of their monthly salary for their transit card, which is four times less than commuters in London.

Not to mention the average time spent travelling to and from work is only 40 minutes, and road users only spend 22 hours a year stuck in traffic jams.

So how does our fair city differ?


Toronto came in 69th place, which is the sixth worst city in the world for commuting, just ahead of Salvador, Istanbul, Sao Paulo, Bogota, and Rio de Janerio.

Toronto’s overall score was 78.56, most likely because Torontonians spend 6.50% monthly on transit, spend an average of 96 minutes travelling to and from work, which is 52 minutes more than in Nice.

Additionally, over the course of the year, Toronto road users spend 47 hours stuck in traffic jams while commuting.


The worst cities for commuting
Rank Country City Score
74 Brazil Rio de Janeiro 86.26
73 Colombia Bogota 84.12
72 Brazil Sao Paulo 83.71
71 Turkey Istanbul 81.78
70 Brazil Salvador 78.71
69 Canada Toronto 78.56
68 Brazil Brasilia 77.52
67 Colombia Cali 75.96
66 USA Miami 72.87
65 UK London 68.18

Other Canadian Cities

As for the rest of Canada, three other cities made it onto the list, including Vancouver at 33rd, Ottawa at 38th and Montreal in 46th place.

You can see how every city scored here.

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