Toronto’s 21°C weather to continue but a drop is expected this week

Nov 9 2020, 6:04 pm

The sun is out and it feels like summer days are back… in November.

Toronto’s warm weather is still here and it seems like it’s only getting warmer as the days go by, especially for Tuesday, before fall weather makes a comeback.

According to The Weather Network, Monday is expected to reach a high of 19°C and Tuesday will have a high of 21°C.

For the last few days, Toronto has been struck with a wave of warmth breaking daily records.

“I think it’s almost a lock that we’ll get seven consecutive days above 15°C this year, and I’m even leaning closer to eight, which would make it an all-time record for the city,” said TWN’s meteorologist Tyler Hamilton.

But just as this beautiful weather came, it leaves us with a painful reminder that it’s still, in fact, fall.


The Weather Network

As the week progresses, Toronto’s weather sees a decline as temperatures head back into the single digits right into Sunday.

“We’ll see the typical changeable November weather return for the second half of next week, but with no sustained cold in sight yet,” says Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham.

Wednesday is expected to reach a high of 16°C feeling more towards 15°C. As for Thursday, the temperature is expected to drop to the tens, feeling like 10°C.

Friday’s temperatures are expected to reach 11°C but may feel more like 8°C. Saturday is expected to hit and feel like 7°C.

To end the week, Sunday’s temperatures are expected to reach 9°C, however, daytime highs are expected to be around 11°C.

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