Most Torontonians agree that one subway station has the best beef patties

Feb 20 2019, 12:03 am

The votes are in.

And according to Toronto Twitter-users, the greatest subway station beef patties in all the land are the ones at Bathurst Station.

A poll posted over the weekend has received over 6000 votes, with Bathurst receiving 36% of them.

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And while it’s inarguable that the patties at Bathurst are a delicacy, the verdict has thrown many for a loop.

While some people are straight-up not okay with Bathurst being on top, others don’t know what to believe.

And then there are those who wonder why their faves aren’t even listed in the poll.

It’s an emotional whirlwind, honestly.

But ultimately, the whole thing may be null and void, because according to one user, all the patties are the freakin’ same.

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