Back-to-back crises on the TTC cause commuter chaos on Thursday

Jan 13 2017, 9:46 pm

If you thought your commute home was bad last night, just know that TTC personnel had a way worse day.

TTC service on lines 1 and 2 was delayed almost two hours yesterday evening causing commuter chaos while the TTC attended to back-to-back crises.

Trains were shut down initially around 2 pm with TTC’s Brad Ross confirming via Twitter that someone took their life. As if that unfortunate event wasn’t enough for the day, just as service was finally cleared to resume there were “Two separate cases of idiots running thru the tunnels“.

One account posted to BUNZ claims that while waiting on the platform at Ossington Station:

Suddenly a man appears casually walking down the track, hoists himself up onto the platform I’m on, looks around at everyone, flashes a brilliant, cheeky grin. There’s complete silence until one woman yells “RUN, KIMOSABE!!!” He continues up the stairs. Then the cops come down the track after him, climb up, ask which way he went and follow him.

However, as it turns out THE COPS HAD BEEN CHASING HIM DOWN THE TRACKS SINCE DUNDAS WEST STATION! I’m not much of an athlete, but that’s still a pretty long run. No wonder they were all slowing down.
I still can’t get over the look of pure fun and mischief on the guy’s face. Run kimosabe, run.

And now, the obvious question;

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