This Toronto street is decked out with a bunch of giant Santas

Dec 3 2020, 5:54 pm

There are plenty of festive streets in Toronto decked out with Christmas lights and holiday displays, but they definitely don’t have as many Santas as Inglewood Drive.

Known as “Kringlewood” during this time of year, the residential street is lined with an overwhelming number of giant illuminated Santas.


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The annual tradition started on the residential street seven years ago when one neighbour put up a giant inflatable Santa Claus on their lawn.

Other neighbours jokingly followed suit, and now every winter, there are Santas as far as the eye can see on Inglewood Drive.


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As a result, almost the entire one-kilometre stretch of the street, from St. Clair East all the way to Rosedale Heights, has become a village of giant glowing Santas from none other than Canadian Tire.


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Not only is the street of Santas exciting to see, but it’s also the perfect distanced activity. If you’re looking to take in the scene, head to Inglewood Drive and Mt. Pleasant Road in Moore Park.

Ho ho hope to see you there!

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