You can now get a portable cup holder for your TTC rides

Jan 31 2019, 1:49 am

We’ve all been there before. You’re riding on public transit and trying to juggle your cellphone, bag, coffee and whatever other personal belongings you have with you.

And then out of the blue, you get bumped and your drink dumps all over you, or the person next to you.

Now, there’s a Toronto startup that’s changing how you hold your drink on public transit thanks to its unique device that gives you a portable cup-holder practically anywhere.


Billed as the world’s first portable public transit cup holder, the ComfyCup is extremely lightweight and was designed to clip onto a number of surfaces, including poles on subways trains, and buses.

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“Protect your laptop, phone and yourself. With the Comfycup cup holder you’ll no longer have to worry about the headaches, damages, or burns of spilling your morning beverage while you commute,” reads the Toronto startup’s website.


And regardless of what you’re drinking, whether it’s a Big Gulp or a piping hot coffee from Tims, the device can hold virtually any cone-shaped cup, regardless if it’s hot or cold, disposable or reusable.

Now if only someone could create a device that would prevent delays on the TTC…

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