City crews will begin snow removal in Toronto neighbourhoods this weekend

Mar 1 2019, 9:52 pm

As Torontonians grow more frustrated with snow removal (or lack thereof) in Toronto this year, the City will begin removing snow from neighbourhoods and arterial streets over the coming days.

According to the City, dozens of crews will be working 12-hour shifts and will use snow blowers, loaders and dump trucks to pick up and move snow to city storage facilities.

With temperatures forecasted to remain cold for the next several days, and with the current snow and ice accumulation from the recent record-breaking snowfall, staff will prioritize streets to ensure safety, including for emergency vehicles.

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Additionally, the City may engage in “friendly tows” early Saturday morning (between 6 am and 7 am) in order to make room for equipment to remove snow safely and effectively. This means residents’ cars may be towed to a nearby location.

For those streets where snow removal will take place, signs will be posted in advance to advise the public.

Earlier this month, Toronto’s Ombudsman said she is aware of the public’s growing concern over the lack of snow removal in the city this year, adding “we have heard many stories of people reporting that sidewalks, roads, bike lanes or public paths have not been cleared of snow and ice in a timely way.”

“People have also said that calls to the city to complain sometimes yield delayed responses or no response.”

Councillor Josh Matlow also said he believes the city can do a better job clearing snow.

“I don’t accept this shouldn’t be a basic service a Canadian city provides,” he said, in a Tweet.

With more snow on the forecast for this weekend, you can track the City’s snow removal operations in real time here.

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