How much Toronto property owners can be fined for not shovelling snow

Jan 17 2022, 5:43 pm

Toronto just got hit with a mountain of snow, and as much as city residents may hate shovelling and de-icing their properties, home and business owners who neglect these important tasks can end up with a hefty fine.

Although the City of Toronto has plows and snow removing services actively operating throughout snowstorms, including sidewalk plows, owners and occupants whose sidewalks aren’t cleared by the City are still responsible for ensuring that snow and ice are removed.

According to the City’s Snow and Ice Removal bylaw, “Every owner or occupant of any building must, within 12 hours after any fall of snow, rain or hail has ceased, clear away and completely remove snow and ice from any sidewalk on any highway in front of, alongside or at the rear of the building.”

If the City has cleared your sidewalk, this does not apply.

For driveways, parking spaces, steps, ramps, and landings must be cleared within 24 hours of the snowfall ending, according to the Property Standards bylaw.

If any Toronto home or property owners choose to neglect to shovel and don’t comply with the orders, the City can issue a fine of $105 plus a $30 surcharge, for a total of $135.

So be a good neighbour and get that shovel out.

And if you or a loved one is unable to shovel their own snow, the City offers a sidewalk clearing service for seniors and people with a disability who live in any area where sidewalks cannot be plowed. You can find the application to join the program on the City of Toronto’s website. Anyone who was enrolled in the previous year will be automatically reenrolled.

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