City's Executive Committee votes to move ahead with $3.35 billion Scarborough subway

Mar 8 2017, 11:00 pm

The City of Toronto is one stop step closer to executing the $3.35 billion Scarborough subway plan.

At Tuesday’s Executive Committee meeting, City staff and Mayor John Tory heard from almost 30 residents about the issue.

Hours into the meeting, Tory said that the process now was to refine and update the plan, “not to revisit, re-debate, and re-decide.”

Additionally, he called Scarborough a part of the city that is “dramatically under invested.” And with that, the motions were carried to moving ahead with the subway extension.

As reported over a week ago, while the Scarborough extension has funding from all levels of government, the latest report states that the City has not yet entered into contribution agreements with the province or the federal government.

So at the time of approval on Tuesday, there has been no certainty or confirmation of funds from the government, although the City has approved a request to confirmation of the amount and source of the contribution from both levels of government.

Nonetheless, all members, except for councillor Paul Ainslie of Ward 43, voted to take the next steps on the extension project that includes an extension of Line 2 from Kennedy Station to Scarborough Centre through the McCowan alignment, as well as a new Triton bus terminal.

“The time has come to move on, it’s time to build,” said Mayor Tory during the meeting. “It’s time to say to Scarborough you are included in Toronto and this subway extension and the LRT are fully including you in the opportunity that is this city.”

City council will review this item later this month.

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