Toronto is currently home to the most cranes in North America

Jul 26 2019, 7:13 pm

Whether you live in Toronto or you’ve recently visited, chances are you’ve noticed the constant development happening throughout the city.

Because of this, you may have also noticed an impressive number of cranes towering over the city.

This is because Toronto is currently home to the most cranes in North America, according to the most recent RLB Crane Index, a report on the number of construction cranes in major American and Canadian cities.

The report found that of the 428 cranes in active use in the selected North American cities, 120 are being used for residential projects or mixed-use projects that include homes right here in Toronto.

July Crane Index 2019

Of all 13 cities examined, Toronto came out on top, both in the total number in use, 16 up from what we saw in January of this year, while Seattle and Los Angeles trailed behind both with 49 cranes in use.

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“The spring season has seen an increase in cranes in Toronto’s downtown; however, most development is happening outside the core area,” reads the report.

“Currently, residential and mixed-use projects command the local construction market; in the future, increased infrastructure spending is anticipated to trigger additional activity.

RLB July Crane Index 2019

Welcome to the (concrete) jungle.