City of Toronto now offers ability to look up property history online

Dec 28 2016, 11:39 pm

Are you terrified by bed bugs?
Have you ever lived next to hard-partying neighbours who were still going just as you’re waking up for work?
Curious if your potential new neighbours are just on vacay or if they leave that green bin on the sidewalk 24-7?
Well, thankfully, the City of Toronto now makes it really easy to search property standard investigations online. It’s an extremely useful new tool for apartment hunters who are cautious about insects, pests, constant noise complaints, lack of maintenance, improper garbage storage, whatever.Complaints are already logged when made via calls to 311, only now you can see the status of your own complaints (by reference number,) as well as what your neighbours are complaining about standards search toronto

The search tool makes it possible to see recent and active complaints by house address, individual apartment units and common areas, and even whole streets.

While the information supporting each complaint is somewhat vague (for example “property standard investigation” could refer to anything from bed bug infestations to excessive garage sales) it might, at the very least, provide a little preview of what to expect from your new neighbourhood.

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