Toronto Police from three divisions to start wearing body cameras

Oct 26 2020, 10:14 am

The Toronto Police Service is moving forward with the service-wide implementation of body-worn cameras across three divisions this week.

Frontline police officers in 11 Division, 22 Division, and those assigned to the Community Response Unit at 52 Division will start to use body-worn camera technology during interactions with the public during the week of October 26, TPS said in a release.

“Body-worn cameras are one tool we can use to create trust and legitimacy between officers and the public as we look for ways to modernize policing services,” said Chief James Ramer.

“This technology provides an independent, bias-free account of our interactions and reinforces our commitment to show communities they can feel safe and secure to enjoy their daily lives with the police.”

Body cameras will be used when an officer arrives at a call for service, begins an investigation, or when asking a person questions for the purposes of collecting information, the release said.

All officers will be trained on how to use the cameras as well as the associated governance prior to their implementation.

In August, TPS received approval to move forward with a service-wide body camera program. The program will consider privacy, security, and disclosure responsibilities, they say.

The implementation of body cameras was originally brought up last year when former Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders discussed what the TPS was planning for the coming year.

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