The internet is trying to help a Toronto man find his missed connection

Mar 22 2018, 12:23 am

It’s a tale as old as time.

Two strangers share a brief connection only to never see each other again.

But now, thanks to the internet and social media, it’s becoming easier to track down these missed connections.

Which will hopefully be the case for a star-crossed lover in Toronto, who is on a mission to find the guy of his dreams.

A man, whose identity remains a mystery, put up a poster in Ossington subway station, with the hopes of being reunited with a handsome guy he recently spotted at the station.

“Hey, if you’re reading this and you’re a blonde guy in your twenties(ish) who was standing here at around 8:45am last Tuesday and carrying a book – you’re so handsome, hi :),” reads the poster.

“This is out of my comfort zone but I thought I’d give it a shot! I was the guy with the brown hair and the grey wool coat. We’ve made eye contact before and I wanted to say hi but the subway came and it was too crowded,” he continued.

“If you ever see this and want to say hi back, [email protected].”

Of course, like a true millennial, the heartfelt post was signed with a hashtag #ossingtonbae.

Almost like clockwork, people began sharing photos of the poster on social media, trying to help #ossingtonbae find his missing man.

And it’s safe to say the internet is very excited at the prospect of the two mystery men reuniting. Even TTC Customer Service showed #ossingtonbae some love.

While it still remains unclear if #ossingtonbae has reunited with his mystery man, if one thing’s for certain, the entire city is rooting for this modern day Cinderella story.

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