5 best coffee shops in Toronto to break up with someone

Mar 3 2018, 4:01 am

Now that Valentine’s Day is over, you’re probably second-guessing that Tinder date that somehow turned into a relationship overnight.

If you’re in need of some low-key spots, these coffee shops offer the perfect public setting for quickly and painlessly ending a relationship.

The Sidekick

the sidekick comics latte coffee


Soften the blow at this hybrid comic book store-coffee bar in Toronto’s east-end. Grab a coffee, maybe some conciliatory baked goods, and just hope your new nemesis doesn’t hulk out.

Address: 1374 Queen Street East, Toronto
Phone: 647-444-7875

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Pilot Coffee – Union Station

pilot coffee union station


Union Station, being a rather busy train station, means its very public, and there are escape routes everywhere. Assuage your future ex with an espresso and if it doesn’t go according to plan hop a train to literally anywhere and lay low for a little while.

Address: 65 Front Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-775-3597

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Thor Espresso Bar

Thor Espresso Bar

Thor Espresso Bar

With a very limited number of seats, this is quaint little coffee shop is definitely a quickie break-up spot. You’ll just have to drop the hammer on your relationship and walk out with a good cup of coffee in hand (get it? Because Thor wields a hammer). 

Address: 35 Bathurst Street, Toronto
Phone: 416-451-8736

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Sam James Coffee Bar – Harbord

cafe interiors design break-up

Sam James/Facebook

Sure the OG cafe on Harbord might be an ominous spot guaranteeing an explosive end, but also guaranteed is a great cup of coffee, amazing pastries, and no space to sit down. The key here is to start your making the “Cut” while in line for your drinks. You’ll have it all done and over with by the time you get your coffee and donut.

Address: 297 Harbord Street, Toronto

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Bull Dog Coffee

rainbow lattes


Situated inside the busy Assembly Chef’s Hall, this espresso bar will lighten the mood with whimsical drinks, like a rainbow and marshmallow latte that’ll hopefully end things on a sweet and amicable note.

Address: 111 Richmond Street West, Toronto

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Now you have the tools needed to do your break-up in style. Go forth and enjoy the single life! Or you can take your significant other and just have a good date night. Do whatever you want, I don’t run your life.

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