This Toronto-made hiring app connects users with employers to fill on-demand shifts

Apr 12 2018, 3:10 am

From picking up extra serving shifts to selling clothes on the weekend, millennials will do just about anything to make those extra dollars.

With this mentality in mind, Toronto’s Erika Mozes and Josh Karam developed an app that’s currently shaking up the city’s tech and hospitality sectors.

Hyr is an app that lets restaurants and retailers hire temporary, on-demand shift workers, giving Torontonians the opportunity to pick up work whenever they want.

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For Toronto’s millennial workforce, ‘side hustle’ gigs are a normal way of gaining a little extra pocket cash to fund the big city lifestyle, which in Toronto counts as rent.

Hyr makes it easier for users to connect with employers and find quick shifts. It’s a win-win for employers who aren’t looking to hire full-time employees but still need quality talent.

The platform lets users easily make a profile where they can highlight their skills and set their hourly rate. Users will then be notified of available shifts that meet their needs and they can then apply for the jobs that interest them the most with a quick swipe.

Users are quickly paid after each shift using trusted and secure payment options, so users won’t have to wait weeks to get that hard earned cash.

Following each shift, Hyr users will be awarded 2 UPoints for each $1 earned. UPoints can be saved for something special or 2,500 UPoints can be redeemed for a paid ‘UDay’ worth $75.

The app is available for free on the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play.

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