The 8 best places to see the leaves change in Toronto (PHOTOS)

Sep 19 2017, 8:11 am

Unfortunately the leaves will be changing everywhere in Toronto very soon.

As in, they’ll wither, and die, and fall to the ground that will soon after freeze and be covered by white dread like your soul at the behest of winter. (Even if it doesn’t feel like it right now.)

But before that they’ll also change in more pleasant way, flashing all hues of auburn as part of our breathtaking Indian summer.

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The best part? You can stay right here in our own backyard to take in the transformation. Here are 8 of the best spots to see the leaves change colour in Toronto…

High Park

Sure, spring in High Park gets all the glory, but you’d be making a big mistake to sleep on paying a visit in autumn. A true escape from the city within the city, High Park is kind of like an Algonquin Park Lite – without the road trip.

Toronto Islands

Update your Instagram because you’re in for some serious #views. With the Toronto skyline as a backdrop, you won’t find a more beautiful dichotomy for a fall canvas.

All along the Humber River

There are literally too many parks to count along the Humber River – from Steeles Avenue way north all the way down to Lake Ontario – each with their own appeal. Uniting them is one hell of a colourful canopy once late fall rolls around.

The Beaches Boardwalk

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Sandy beaches on one side, bursting red, orange, and yellow leaves on the other. It doesn’t get more autumn than that.

Trinity Bellwoods

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Keep it urban and check out the colours of Toronto’s most beloved downtown park. Take a stroll with a PBR in hand for the most authentic experience.

Evergreen Brick Works

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While the Don Valley technically gets credit here, you should make it a point to stop by the Evergreen Brick Works for some extra curricular fall foliage fun. Venture in any direction from there and soak in the scene. Or the beers.

Rouge National Urban Park

Covering 80 square kilometres just north of what most of us would consider the City of Toronto, Rouge is probably the closest you’ll get to sprawling auburn vistas that stretch to the horizon in the GTA.

Mount Pleasant Cemetery

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Without getting too morbid, there’s something fitting about basking in the end (of summer) among the tombstones and aging foliage of Toronto’s most renowned resting place.

Billy Bishop Airport

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What better way to see Toronto’s fall mosaic than from above? Book a fall vacation, board at Billy Bishop, and marvel at the colours of the season below.

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