Toronto election signs can start popping up as of today

Sep 27 2018, 2:42 pm

Municipal candidates are now allowed to display Toronto election signs.

According to the City of Toronto, starting today, election candidates are allowed to put up and display election signs throughout the city.

Elections signs will pop up everywhere, as they may be displayed on private property such as lawns, with the owner’s permission, and along public streets. Both would be subject to the restrictions below:

Election signs cannot be displayed:
• Within 1.5 metres of the curb/edge of the pavement
• Within 0.6 metres of either side of a sidewalk
• Within 15 metres of an intersection or pedestrian crossover of a collector or arterial road
• Within three metres of an intersection or pedestrian crossover of a local road on a median or island
• Adjacent to a voting place, city park or city facility
• Without the consent of the owner/occupant of the abutting property

Election signs may be displayed on bus shelters, garbage and recycling containers, and street installation dedicated advertising space; on TTC dedicated advertising space; on third-party signs; and on vehicles or trailers.

Additional rules for placement of election signs:
• Election signs may not be placed along expressways.
• Election signs may not be illuminated (unless on advertising spaces as described above), be attached to trees, or contain the city’s logo.
• Election signs may not be larger than 1.2 square metres in area and may not be higher than two metres above ground level, except on campaign offices, on TTC/street installations dedicated advertising spaces and on third-party signs.

It is illegal for anyone to move, remove, alter, deface or wilfully damage a legally displayed election sign. As well, the city will remove any signs that pose a risk to the health and safety of pedestrians, cyclists or motorists.

And when the election is over, candidates and residents can bring election signs to select City of Toronto Drop-Off Depots for recycling until November 30. Signs cannot be disposed of in the Blue Bin.

Toronto’s election is on October 22.

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