Toronto driver uses Raptors game as excuse to get out of speeding ticket

Aug 20 2020, 2:15 pm

A Toronto driver was allegedly caught speeding in the city and tried to use the Raptors game as an excuse to get out of a ticket last night.

As the Toronto Raptors jumped into Game 2 against the Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday afternoon, it seems like one resident in the city was in total playoffs mode while behind the wheel.

Toronto police officer PC Papadopoulos shared his encounter on Twitter, claiming the Raptor fan used the playoffs as an excuse to go 95 km/h in a 50 km/h street.

“It happened. It finally happened. Driver stopped speeding 95 in 50 zone. Drive says ‘Officer I have @Raptors playoffs on my mind’” said Papadopoulos.

“I respond by saying ‘I have traffic safety on my mind.’ Driver educated through enforcement. Let’s go Raptors!”

It definitely was a game to watch as the Toronto team conquered the court over the Nets, taking the lead with two games over the Brooklyn team… but not worth speeding for.

Although Papadopoulos left the driver off with a quick educational bit on the rules of the road, don’t use the Raptors as an excuse to speed.

Even during the playoffs.

Karen DoradeaKaren Doradea

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