Toronto District School Board blocks 3 of the internet's biggest sites

May 9 2017, 6:42 pm

The Toronto District School Board has made some changes to the WiFi access in its schools.

The board has decided to temporarily block WiFi access to three of the most used sites on its network: Snapchat, Netflix, and Instagram.

“These sites account for more than 20% of our daily network activity and, on our older, slower network, make many necessary operational tasks, such as attendance, registration and report cards, nearly impossible to complete,” stated the TDSB in a release.

The school board said that the interim measure will help alleviate congestion and boost network capacity while minimizing the impact on teaching and learning. Additionally, the board is looking to work on a better solution and faster network access, and say they will work on it throughout the summer.

“We are working on a more permanent solution that will include providing all TDSB schools with newer and faster network access. We expect an improvement for September and that regular wi-fi access will resume.”

Earlier this year, Earl Grey Senior Public School, which is located near Greenwood and Coxwell in Toronto’s east end, decided to fully ban cellphones in its classrooms.

So for now, students in Toronto will have to use their own data to post those essential science class Snapchats or to share their epic lunch photos on Instagram.

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